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Chips 'n Beer

Prussia x Belgium LJ community

Prussia x Belgium [ ♥ ]
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A community focused on the couple Prussia/Belgium from APH.

♣♣♣♣♣♣ chips 'n beer ♥
Welcome to prussia_belgium, a community focused on the couple Prussia/Belgium from Axis Powers Hetalia. Here you can discuss, post fanworks, and do many more things about Prussia/Belgium.

[x] Please put all spoilers, big images, fanfics or long entries under a cut!
[x] Please only post Prussia/Belgium related stuff. You may post things that relates to Prussia or Belgium in a person, but no other couplings with them.
[x] Please no spam! Though you're allowed to post an entry if you are new here and want to introduce yourself a little.
[x] Use the following template for fanfics:
-Rating: G/PG/PG13/R-15/NC17/R-18
[x] Please do not post stolen fanarts or fanfics!
[x] Please no bashing. Everybody is allowed to have their own opinion, and so you are.
[x] Have fun!
If you're interested with affilating us, comment here. ♥

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